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Located at an altitude of 2.400 meters, in the heart of the Port of Emilia and close to city area, the circuit has a modular track of 980 m long and 11 m wide. The facility also has a car park, a reception area, offices and an off road area.

Open in any season:

Originally designed to host moot bike speed competitions , the circuit has been improved several times and currently it allows two different possibilities of use:

The motor bike race Championship during the winter (first 4 months of the year)
The race is start into a snow time and ice track, unique in southern Europe. During this period it hosts a stage of the prestigious championship Trophy, the G-Series National Championship or the Ice Gladiators motorcycle races.

The circuit also offers driving training on snow and ice and other activities for individuals and businesses.
During championship summer

The track hosts motorcycle training sessions and a Super moot World Championship event in addition to other off road activities for individuals and companies.

If you are considering going road racing you have probably already been out on the track at a motorbike track day. If you have not GO ON ONE! Have a look at the track day guide.

If you have already been on motorbike track days and find your pace is at the higher end of the fast groups it is a good indicator you would probably do well racing at club level.

At first it can seem like a very daunting to start motorbike racing. There seems to be so many things you have to do. It is a good idea to go along to a local club meeting. Have a look around the paddock and chat with some of the racers and club organisers. You will see some riders wearing an orange bib; these are novices who have raced in less than 10 meetings. It is also worth chatting with them as they will have just gone through the process you are looking to do.

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