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Aware of the Good and Bad Effects of Fashion


According to “George Sgml” decentralised fashion as the cultural aspects of life and a basic tension in the human social situation arises. On the one hand, each of us have a tendency to mimic others and other people like to be different. It is natural that some people have a tendency to mimic Maharashtra the principle of uniform or significant others are coping with the others like the others, and to put like the others, do not match distinct And to come apart.

Both of these trends are due to the current fashion for the good work that could have won the hearts of both groups. “Sgml” His ideas about fashion that is still used is that both of these extreme tendencies of human nature is. On the one hand, humans act like its neighbours, but are distinct from the other side of him. Eyes fixed on the lives of others and also tend to act like they are different people than the same issue that has been discussed in fashion and fashion. Fashion is a way of life that we want to help their community and social activities and to comply with other people around us to a life that we like helps us move Meanwhile the homogeneity and at the peak This They also have distinctive.

The two opposing forces in our lives are a constant struggle: the social and non-social force is that in most situations, the two forces balance there is and problems of the start. The effect of these two opposing forces in the same fashion fashion fashion in humans, but had only acted in one of the opposite polarity of words is always a way to act and the only one of the two end of the spectrum others are suppressed. Mdgra person or others would like to keep all of his effort that is different from others. In fact, when a new fashion spread will gradually drop to its lowest reaches more people, because every moment of it follow the fashion of a extended period of time ordinary is not that old variation.

This is for two reasons: First, the low population groups so they can not follow the fashion, the latter of which classes are groups of people that are always the most eyes and everybody wants to looks like deserve. Fashion In other words, the social groups considered to be superior to other people copy it and the people who work are operated by business came to. One of the disadvantages of this problem arises because the same fashion fashion causing irrational and unreasonable classification society. Some people considered to be lower among the groups that have little to follow fashion from the top of the issue no the contrary not to be.

Fashion is unfair if it causes different classes and categories of the current fashion is to move more to come. Suppose, for example, the social upper class girls in a society will soon wear a dress that was designed just for girls who wish to wear those clothes are classes have sought to wear it is the market and the producers demand dress on to enter the market with lower prices to the rest of the people that have the ability to buy and sell the most part. After a while the levels of all the dresses and other dresses are able to cater for the unique is not seen as upstairs a privilege and a result of its are looking for a new dress, and again new fashion arises and other distinctive This new fashion, and new sales will come in the wake of the new rich.

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