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Different Types of Jeans for Kids


The ripped jeans have hit the scene again kids! Coupled with the hot perseverance of the skinny leg jeans has come the rise of the comfy and funky jeans – which are torn in various spots. Thinking back, ripped denim hasn’t really been big since the grunge days of the 90s… so it may come as a surprise that it came back as a fashion trend for women from Spring-Summer 2008. If we cast our mind’s back, Kate Moss actually wore ripped denim shorts in a shoot for April 2008’s Vogue Paris.

Essentially, your ripped jeans, shorts or skirts can be teamed with a great blouse matched with a spunky pair of flats or a not-so-tight t-shirt and sneakers. Keep your tips and toes (being your top and shoes) in decent condition otherwise these looks can be seen to scream “cheap” or “messy”.

If you have found a pair of jeans that are not doing it for you anymore, just hack the bottom of with a pair of scissors and viola – you have got yourself a cute pair of hot shorts you can hit the beach with in summer. It is important though that the rest of your outfit is kept simple. This is because ripped jeans make such a big statement – more than a tiny pair of shorts or a mini and you do not want the appearance of your outfit to look over done or as if you are compensating for a pair of tacky jeans – which should in fact be the feature piece of your threads.

If you are not such a fan of the sneakers or flats embracing your soles then you can always opt for a basic tee and flip flops or gladiator sandals. The latter dresses up your outfit a tiny bit. Another clever tip is to be super careful not to overdo it with accessories either. Simple earrings, a neutral woven belt and no necklace completes your look and teams up pleasantly with you cool jeans.

This is an easy outfit to put together for running errands during the week or relaxing all weekend. These jeans are huge already and they are going to get even bigger over the rest of the year. Really and truly – it’s only a matter of time before they are everywhere.

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