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Having Knee-high Boots So Your Little Toe


Unless you are striving for the look of a ‘power ranger’ you should never be bullied or voluntarily purchase a pair of white knee-high boots. These are not only a health hazard but they look extremely ‘fighter-ish’ and should be against the law. You not only appear as if you are going to a fancy dress party as a space cadet but you also run the risk of being a dangerously dressed friend with not-so-impeccable taste.

There is an abundant range of pretty colours out there and it always makes me wonder why people chose the shade – not colour (take note they are two different things) of white to embrace their claves. It is a confusing conundrum especially since white knee-high boots do not go with anything – not your hot high-waisted skirts, not dark jeans and not frocks…really not with anything – nada – zilch – zero.

To commence, black, chocolate brown, light brown, red and charcoal coloured boots are your safest option. Let us think practically – winter equals puddles of mud, water and whatever else the clouds want to get rid of so you need to be equipped if you’re trekking through the streets of the town with your pretty umbrella above your head. Your hooves are just as important as your blow-waved hair

The clean factor is one of the most important elements to consider at this point of the equation. White is obviously the most insane option to pop your hooves in, especially if they are new and you don’t want to get them destroyed. A couple of spots of brown mud ruin your boots, turns them into tatty footwear and they just end up looking foul.

Having knee-high boots so your little toes are kept snug as bugs is a grand idea but gosh girl-do it with style. White, fake leather boots are a tragedy and kill the fashion world – especially if they are laced with zips and other useless decorations when half the time they do not do anything anyway. Keep your boots subtle as the bright knee-high fabric is not the way to go in winter. It is not classy nor stylish and in fact, they just make you stand out – and not in a good way.

Darker colours are obviously a much safer option, look hot and go with every outfit. They save you the time of matching your outfit with your shoes and even if they are a little bit grotty and disgusting, they won’t look completely feral if you have pranced through a puddle while drunk in the rain. Everyone’s a winner this way kids!

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