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Different Varieties of Clothing Including Skirts Tops and Frocks


Hooray for Lace! In case you haven’t already noticed- lace is literally finding itself stitched on to everything including bags, shoes and different varieties of clothing including skirts, tops, and frocks. There is this general consensus where a lot of people think it’s either quite lame or too sexy to wear in public. Clearly it has broken this stereotype with its funky ways of peeking through your items of clothing or simply sitting on top of them.

Teamed with smoldering make-up and off-the-shoulder ruffles, sheer layers of chiffon or layers of lace have smashed into the fashion world keep one rule in mind at all times – just keep it pretty. Let’s not kid ourselves – lace is damn tricky however if you stick to these rules you will be a sure stunner once you hit the town. They are quite straightforward: no red, no cheap lace and use it sparingly.

Little spots of lace here and there or a whole frock covered in a pretty black layer of lace adds class to your outfit and will ensure you will not be mistaken for a tablecloth or centerpiece figurine. There are heaps of ways to jazz up the outfit including slipping lace under a dress, a camisole under a blazer, trim on a shirt, or a little lace jacket to slip over a dress and veil arms. Clearly black, chocolate brown or possibly navy are your best options in any of these cases unless of course you are super desperate to add color to your outfit and are attending a fancy dress party.

Let us not get too excited though – of course, let us embrace the lace but let us not smack the black and overkill the trim. This directly relates to ugly patterned lace stockings. The horrible suspicion that lies amongst the fashion police is that the current “trend” for lace tights is going to be used by some people as a license to commit crimes of fashion. You need to be wary of the quality of lace tights you sport otherwise it may make you look a little bit like you have some strange kind of skin disease.

Clearly this is not the look you are going for. Also, be stringent and do not let yourself run away with the fairies. Avoid slipping into too much lace at the one time. Lace gloves are also a pretty accessory for an outfit, provided the outfit is not too busy, does not have an abundance of lace already or if the gloves are black. Too much lace ruins the “pretty” theme and just screams doily – it is as simple as that!

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