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Toasty in Our Living Rooms


t’s nice and toasty in our living rooms this winter while it is icy fresh outside. So how on earth can you keep your tootsies and legs nice and cosy? Get your hands on a pair of over-the-knee boots! At the moment style blogs as well as the fabulous department stores everywhere are abuzz about this season’s hottest trend – Over the knee boots!

This trend first appeared at the 2009 Ready-to-Wear shows when Givenchy sent a shiny and splendid black pair down the runway. Ever since, the trend has swept us off our feet – literally! Over-the-knee boots have showed up on all runways from Louis Vuitton to Prada. This funky number can be either thigh-high or slightly above the knee, flat or stiletto-heeled, leather or suede! Whatever the occasion (except for formal events I would say) these puppies are good to go! If you are going for a casual feel go with either the flats or wedges. Avoid looking tacky with a gianormous heel if you are popping down to grab milk at the end of the street and are wearing a trackie jacket.

I would steer away from laces, zips and too many buckles as it draws away from the stock-standard disposition boots have always had. Also, in some cases too, many of these accessories can definitely send out the wrong message – especially if teamed up with a mini skirt and forgetting to wear tights (and the not-so-subtle red lipstick)….Picture that – not very classy….Black, tan, chocolate and charcoal should your pick for colours as they go with absolutely everything, including your skinny leg jeans and black tights under a skirt or dress.

If the idea of over the knee boots scares you way too much, there is another option. You can go for the chunking, knee-topping socks or super dark tights with your regular knee-high boots. However, to put your mind at ease, flat over-the-knee boots are oober casual and won’t make you look like a goose. You won’t draw too much attention to yourself compared to someone prancing around in a tartan mini and really bad hair extensions with laced up leather-thigh-high boots.

Anything that works over the knee certainly creates length and a longer and leaner silhouette. If you are sporting them with a skirt – go high waisted with a cute belt and nicely tucked in basic camisole and top it off with a longer jacket that covers your booty. These boots baby are amazing! They act as a beam to stand you taller – regardless of whether or not they have a heel.

Every single shoe store has them – and I mean every single store in Melbourne so go get yourself a pair or two with a cute matching handbag and brolly and you are ready to hit the streets in style.

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